A yellow Labrador looking up to the sky.

Hi there, Welcome to Living with Labradors!

This blog offers regular doses of information about having a happy life with your Labrador Retriever. Firstly, we may be biased, but we reckon Labradors are just about the best pet that you can get. Whether your Lab is yellow, brown, black or silver, a rescue or a puppy, we truly believe there is simply no better dog!

I’m Courtney and I am the mom of an adopted yellow Labrador named Ellie. She was formerly a breeding dog before she joined our family. In her time, Ellie has given birth to up to 50 puppies which means she’s provided that many families with a lifetime of love. And because of that, we think Ellie deserves the world. As her adopted mom, I am on a mission to give her the happiest and healthiest life possible.

We intend to donate a portion of the proceeds of this blog to the charity Labrador Rescue. We want to help give other Labs in need a chance to be matched with loving families.

On this blog, you’ll find a range of dog-related topics, from stories about my own lab, Ellie, to enrichment tips, reviews and interviews with experts in the dog world. 

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